secondary member

secondary truss member

A subsidiary member of a truss, used to support a main member or to transfer load from a point within a panel to one or more panel points.
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This will include significant collaboration with chapters, city groups and SIGs to integrate and support high-quality educational offerings on a regional and national platform; development of a profile of our primary and secondary member and nonmember market segments; a review of the way we deliver our education; and the creation of a knowledge management strategy to identify, capture, value and share LMA's intellectual assets.
(6.) In certain circumstances, when a foreign affiliate is a member of a group in a foreign country that determines its income or profits tax on a consolidated or combined basis, the "primary" member of a group (i.e., the taxpayer making payments of tax liability to the foreign government) may not be a foreign affiliate of a corporation resident in Canada while the secondary member may be a foreign affiliate of a corporation resident in Canada.
When even one of the Seahawks' key secondary members is missing, Seattle's numbers against the pass are drastically different.
But aside from this narcissistic woman, etched with vitriol by Silver and immortalized by Lavin's ruthlessly sincere portrayal of her, the secondary members of this dysfunctional household are familiar figures from the scribe's own catalogue of grotesques.
He said Iran, Russia and India are among the main members of the North-South corridor, adding that currently some 15 countries have joined the grouping as secondary members. Iran has already signed some agreements on shipping and maritime cooperation with 40 countries.
In the field of bridge fabrication, there is a mixture of both primary and secondary members. Although the primary members can be custom, one-of-a-kind pieces, the secondary members are often high-quantity duplicate pieces.
Browner and Turner - aware they must live with the axiom that "you're only as good as your last game" - appear to be the more vocal, more emotional secondary members.
The horizontal and vertical screens are made of cedar slats on thin rusted steel secondary members.
This is a typical situation of how secondary members are connected to main members.

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