secondary reinforcement

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reinforced concrete, beton armé, ferroconcrete, steel concrete

Concrete containing reinforcement designed on the assumption that the concrete and reinforcement act together in resisting forces.
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2], and the area of secondary reinforcement kept constant.
In this series, the cross-sectional area of secondary reinforcement varies from 0.
The results show clearly that presence of additional secondary reinforcement resulted in an increase in load-carrying capacity as well as in ductility of corbels.
In this series consisting of eight corbels with secondary reinforcement ratio varied from 0.
The required cross-sectional area of the secondary reinforcement is calculated as:
If teachers can reinforce desired behavior with a naturally occurring secondary reinforcer that helps students to obtain desired consequences without challenging behavior, there may be no need to fade from primary to secondary reinforcement.
Polypropylene fibres are added to concrete and other cement-based products to provide secondary reinforcement and reduce cracking.
1964) showed that the finding of greater secondary reinforcement strength for a nonredundant, informative stimulus paired with FR food reinforcement rather than with CRF reinforcement holds only if a between-groups design is used, one group being trained under FR reinforcement conditions, and one under CRF.
It is possible that this difference in testing procedures, simultaneous stimulus discrimination for the "within" study, but only a "yes-no" discrimination for the "between" study, might have resulted in the markedly different secondary reinforcement strengths that were found for the CRF- and FR-associated stimuli with these procedures.
For secondary reinforcement testing, carried out under extinction conditions, the center lever was replaced by two levers, one on the left (L) and one on the right (R).
Thus, the preference for the CRF-associated stimulus previously found in the single group (within-subjects) experiments, as opposed to the opposite results when a between-groups design was used, was not an artifact of the difference in the nature of the choices available to the rat during secondary reinforcement testing.