secondary substation

distribution center

A point in an electrical system in a building where secondary voltage (usually a low voltage) is distributed to different circuits within the building. Generally includes automatic overload protective devices that provide protection for the electric system in the event that the system is called upon to exceed its safe operating capacity; in that case, the system shuts down automatically.
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India, May 26 -- A compact secondary substation and retrofit...
Among improvements that will be introduced is high-bandwidth digital communications links to more than 860 major substations and 7,200 secondary substations, plus new transformer monitoring control units in 750 major substations and the equipment that allows them to control voltage.
Local partner of the project is Rowad Modern Engineering, which is responsible for construction works of secondary substations. GE has more than 140 gas turbines installed in Egyptian power plants, generating around 30 percent of electricity.
Furthermore, CG has broadened the coverage of its smart grid portfolio with a catalogue of Distribution Automation Solutions that range from LV supervision to MV automation, including Overhead MV Line Automation, Compact Secondary Substations and Micro-grid Management and Electric Vehicle Charging Systems.