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In ancient Greece:
1. A shrine or sanctuary.
2. The cella of a temple.
3. A building which only the specially privileged might enter.
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The SECOS Project, helping young people escape prostitution, has bases in Stockton, Darlington and Middlesbrough where it found the average age for those being exploited and abused was between 12 and 13 years old.
Tracy, 46, from Tollesby, added: "I've worked as the administrator for SECOS for 10 years, and to be honest I don't know how some of our frontline staff do what they do.
To support SECOS send your Wish tokens to Tracy at SECOS Centre, The East West Centre, Ayresome Green Lane, Middlesbrough, TS5 5BA.
Whilst we do not commission SECOS, should the need arise we would spot-purchase support, and the LSCB is the lead for co-ordinating the effectiveness of safeguarding practice.
Anyone wanting information or help can contact Wendy and the SECOS team on 01642 819743.
Watch out for warning signs and talk through concerns with SECOS.
Currently, the Teesside SECOS team has 10 workers dealing with the 89 cases.
Earlier this year the Evening Gazette brought this serious matter to light revealing 48 victims of exploitation were being helped through SECOS - with 9 of those, some as young as 12, being trafficked for sex.
The SECOS team previously revealed that one young female from Middlesbrough had been "moved" to Newcastle believing she was going to a party.
And Wendy Shepherd, of SECOS, said the borough has a "robust" missing from home policy.
Wendy Shepherd, children's centre manager for SECOS, said there are "certainly not" as many women on the streets "I think society has always had fairly liberal views about prostitution but today there is a better understanding about the vulnerability of these women.