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photosphere, luminous, apparently opaque layer of gases that forms the visible surface of the sun or any other star. The photosphere lies between the dense interior gases and the more attenuated gases of the chromosphere. The incandescent gases of the photosphere, estimated to be at temperatures near 6,000K, are so much brighter than the other layers of the sun that they seem to form a surface. These gases are in a constant state of agitation due to convection currents that reach down to 150,000 mi (241,000 km) below the photosphere. Differences in the density of the gases result in a grainy appearance of the photosphere; the small bright patches, or granules, are several hundred miles in diameter and are constantly shifting. Another feature of the photosphere, observed only near the sun's edge, is the appearance near sunspots of bright, veinlike regions known as faculae.
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A convective cell in the solar photosphere, about 600 miles (1000 kilometers) in diameter.
A somewhat rounded rock fragment ranging in diameter from 2 to 4 millimeters; larger than a coarse sand grain and smaller than a pebble.
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Geology a single rock fragment in gravel, smaller than a pebble but larger than a sand grain
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The degree of detail. More granularity implies more detail and selectivity in analyzing or customizing a system. There are smaller increments (granules) from which to select.
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Electron density of the secretory granule was low, and the internal space of the secretory granule was filled with fine granular substances.
Many secretory granules ultra structurally visible were electron-dense, uniformly spherical and generally 240 to 410 nm in diameter, with no gap between membrana limitans and endocrine (Fig.
Also, the epididymis showed some regression signals, in particular, the epithelial cells lining the corpus were poorly secreting, and very few spermatozoa and secretory granules were present in the lumen (Figure 2(c)).
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The centroacinar cells were located in the gland cavity which was surrounded by the gland cells that were lighter in color, contained a kernel that was not obvious, and there were no secretory granules in the cytoplasm (Fig.
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Specific (secondary) granules include proteins such as lactoferrin and lysozyme, and gelatinase (tertiary) granules contain leukolysin and matrix metalloproteinase 9 (MMP9; also known as gelatinase B) and finally quaternary (secretory granules).