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According to the velocity comparison between three different surge line diameters of typical section lines at the vertical center cross-section (x=0) of the pressurizer (Figure 11), it can be seen that the trend of different diameters is basically consistent, the middle is high, and two sides are low.
Caption: Figure 4: AFM images show the 3D and section line analysis of GO produced by modified Hammers method from graphite flakes.
3455, Fall Creek Trail, from the junction of Forest Service Road 18/1821 to Bedrock Campground; the north/south section line of section 27, from Forest Service Road 18 to the corner of sections 26, 27, 34 and 35; from the corner of sections 26, 27, 34 and 35 to Forest Service Road 1821; from where the southern section line of section 27 meets Forest Service Road 1821, proceeding along Forest Service Road 1821 to the junction of Forest Service Road 18.
In the Assessor Map line work, if a line is both a tax lot line and the edge of a PLSS section line, the tax lot function dominates and the knowledge about being a PLSS section line is lost.
LTire gets the mold surface information either by digitizing or by loading the profile cross section line (from lathe data).
Surveyors' section line descriptions contained general comments pertaining to the topography, vegetative cover, understory and soil.
In OEC's most populated service area, central and north Cleveland County that includes Norman and South Oklahoma City, there was duplication of over 1,500 miles of line along section line roads.
Figure 7 shows a single cycle generated by a two switch, single charge section line. In this case, the second halt of the pulse was generated by a shorting switch between the upper and lower conductors of the line.
The structural transect along the section line AB is perpendicular to the general structural trend of the study area (Fig.
The opener The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi has a string section line that is worrying reminiscent of Victor Borge's Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, but by track two, Stella By Starlight, we're all putty in Ben's hands.
"It's a user-operated crossing on a section line and unfortunately, a woman who was the sole occupant of the car that was struck by the 16.32pm service from Limerick to Limerick Junction, was fatally injured.

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