security alarm system

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burglar alarm system

An electronic system designed to detect unauthorized entry into or within a premise. The system may be activated by the closure of a switch (for example, by stepping on a mat, opening a window, etc.), by the interruption of a photoelectric beam, or by a motion detector.
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This feature allows customers to completely custom-design their home or business security alarm system.
IN A RECENT ASSESSMENT of failed security alarm systems I discovered some startling and discouraging information.
services for technical maintenance of security alarm systems, fire alarm, fire alarm and evacuation management, smoke protection in the interests of the bonds" 6th city clinical hospital "
Serving Greenville and the region, ADP Security Systems specializes in innovative technology for security alarm systems.
Electronic auction: provision of services for maintenance and repair of fire alarm systems, smoke protection systems, automatic loud-speaker system, automatic fire-extinguishing systems, security alarm systems
Works on the installation of fire alarm and security alarm systems
Prequalification are invited for Maintenance and repair services for fire alarm systems, fire alarm and evacuation control, local security alarm systems
Tenders are invited for Purchase of security alarm systems and access control for the construction site "Construction of a complex of buildings of the state institution" Clinical Medical Center "in the area ofZhdanovichi village, Minsk region"
Electronic auction: maintenance of fire and security alarm systems (burglar alarm, fire alarm, voice alarm system, remote access control system) installed at the objects of the neryungrinsky ats center of the branch "air navigation of north-eastern siberia" fsue "state corporation for atm"
VOXCOM provides monitoring services for security alarm systems and LifeCall emergency response systems to all provinces from its head office and call centre in Edmonton, and has branch offices in major centres across the country.
Tenders are invited for Execution of works on automation, fire and security alarm systems, video surveillance and communication networks on the project "Gas station at 376 th km (right) highway M-10, the border of the Russian Federation (Selishche) - Gomel - Kobrin"

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