security lock

thief-resistant lock

A mechanical device that is especially effective in preventing unauthorized entry.
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LINCOLNSHIRE -- Entre Commercial Realty LLC said Security Lock Distributors bought a property in Lincolnshire.
com/galaxy-s8-facial-recognition-security-lock-can-be-fooled-using-photo-2518945) Galaxy S8 Facial Recognition Security Lock Can Be Fooled Using A Photo
Assa Abloy Hospitality provides high security lock systems, safes and solutions to the hospitality industry.
Smartloq Math functions like a security lock for apps, but rather than entering a PIN, it requires users to answer a math question before launching the app it is applied to.
The burglar forced entry by breaking the security lock and cutting the security chain.
Security lock and camera system allow 24/7 member access.
Aaron Baker, Cannon president, says his company's proprietary lock system combines "the ease and security of a Type 1 high security lock with the peace of mind of a mechanical override.
We contacted Bike Scene in Guisborough to order the replacement bike and after hearing what had happened they threw in an PS80 high security lock free of charge.
The update fixes a bug that let users bypass the passcode security lock screen.
The built-in Keyless Security lock uses a one-time-use numbered seal to provide tamper-evident protection from unauthorized access.
A Better BT motorcycle was taken from a driveway in Chapel Street after thieves snapped the security lock from the wheel and a Honda bike was taken from an address in Puddlers Lane.
The other features that make me giddy: the battery backup, lights that operate independently of the door, and the security lock feature that lets you prevent the door from being opened by a stranger's remote control.