security protocol

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security protocol

A sequence of operations that ensure protection of data. Used with a communications protocol, it provides secure delivery of data between two parties. The term generally refers to a suite of components that work in tandem (see below). For example, the 802.11i standard provides these functions for wireless LANs.

For the Web, SSL and TLS are widely used to provide authentication and encryption in order to send sensitive data such as credit card numbers to a vendor. Following are the primary components of a security protocol. See cryptography, information security, HTTPS, SSL, TLS, PCT and IPsec.

Access Control
Authenticates user identity. Authorizes access to specific resources based on permissions level and policies. See access control and authentication.

Encryption Algorithm
The cryptographic cipher combined with various methods for encrypting the text. See encryption algorithm.

Key Management
Create, distribute and maintain the keys. See key management.

Message Integrity
Ensures that the encrypted message has not been tampered with. See message integrity.
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Broadcom has taken a great leap forward with its new security protocol processors," said Linley Gwennap, principal analyst of The Linley Group.
1 is designed to deliver the same security, interoperability and time-to-market benefits that companies such as Symbian already enjoy using the current version of the popular security protocol component, but in a reduced-size, resource-friendly version specifically geared to the demanding requirements of wireless and embedded devices.
KARACHI -- Representatives of different banks operational in Karachi have sought improvement in security protocols to help avert instances of bank robberies in the metropolis.
Formal models and techniques for analyzing security protocols.
SEL-3022 wireless encrypting transceivers are said to address those concerns by supplementing standard wireless communication security protocols (i.
With its outstanding processing power, the MSC8101 is well suited to handle time-consuming cryptographic calculations used in the IPSec and IKE security protocols.

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