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What does it mean when you dream about seduction?

Seduction in a dream often is an expression of the dreamer’s sexual desires.

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See also Flirtatiousness.
Selfishness (See CONCEIT, STINGINESS.)
modern Circe; sorceress who seduces Rinaldo. [Ital. Lit.: Jerusalem Delivered]
Aurelius Dorigen’s
nobleminded would-be seducer. [Br. Lit.: Canterbury Tales, “The Franklin’s Tale”]
Uriah’s wife, seduced by King David. [O.T.: II Samuel 11:4]
enchantress who turned Odysseus’s men into swine; byword for irresistibly fascinating woman. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey; Rom. Lit.: Aeneid]
fascinating and deceitful mistress of Samson. [O.T.: Judges 16]
Dragon Lady
beautiful Chinese temptress. [Comics: “Terry and the Pirates” in Horn, 653]
seduced by Zeus in form of a white bull. [Gk. Myth.: Kravitz, 96]
Harlowe, Clarissa
seduced and raped by Lovelace. [Br. Lit.: Richardson Clarissa Harlowe in Benét, 203]
Hautdesert, Lady
de tries to seduce Gawain to test his faithfulness. [Br. Lit.: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight]
seduced by Jupiter in form of a cloud. [Rom. Myth.: Metamorphoses]
Juan, Don
handsome Spanish lad seduces many women. [Eur. legend: Benét, 279]
Leucosia, Ligeia, and Parthenope
sirens; tried to lure Odysseus and his men to destruction. [Gk. Lit.: Odyssey]
Little Em’ly
though engaged to Ham, is seduced and runs off with Steerforth. [Br. Lit.: Dickens David Copperfield]
siren; lured ships to destruction with singing. [Ger. Folklore: Benét, 599]
innkeeper artfully seduces misogynist for sport. [Ital. Lit.: The Mistress of the Inn]
convinces Alibech that the way to serve God is by sexual intercourse. [Ital. Lit.: Boccaccio Decameron]
Sorrel, Hetty
seduced by Arthur Donnithorne. [Br. Lit.: Adam Bede]
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"We are thrilled to be working with YRF and Arash Amel on Seducing Ingrid Bergman.
In December, the imam was convicted of seducing women and urging girls to have sex with him by abusing BlackBerry Messenger [BBM].
Dubai The Dubai Appeal Court yesterday acquitted a mosque imam of seducing women to have sex with him using his BlackBerry but jailed him for possessing nude photos.
They were accused of homosexual acts, "marrying each other", seducing young men and "attacking those who rebuked them".
Contemporary Mexican jokes about the "ease" of seducing non-Hispanic women frequently turn on their failure to demand a marriage promise before engaging in sexual relations.
Earlier the court heard that Renton had a four month affair with the 15-year-old after seducing him in a similar fashion.
Seducing Doctor Lewis, by Quebec's Jean-Francois Pouliot, won the Audience Award World Cinema: Dramatic.
IN baroque-period France, the idle rich have nothing better to do than go around seducing each other.
She has to participate in a plot to cause a national scandal by seducing the president--a schoolmarmish former New England senator named Joni (Lizbeth Mackay)--in return for which Rachel will regain custody of her 6-year-old daughter from her Southern Baptist mother.
Earlier the court heard Renton had a four month affair with the 15-year-old after seducing him in a similar fashion.
In a country where a million at the box office for an indigenous film is a rarity, four films, all by Quebec filmmakers, did more than $5 million in business (according to Playback's annual box-office survey): Charles Biname's Seraphin: Heart of Stone, Jean-Francois Pouliot's Seducing Doctor Lewis, Denys Arcand's The Barbarian Invasions and Emile Gaudreault's Mambo Italiano.
Peter Sellers is a no-hope musical matador whose only chance of a job depends on his seducing Olympia, played by Sellers' wife at the time, Britt Ekland.