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a plot of land in which seeds or seedlings are grown before being transplanted
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in horticulture, the simplest type of structure for raising seedlings in sheltered ground. In the central region of the European USSR seedbeds are used for growing cold-resistant vegetables and other crops that are to be planted in the open ground between May 10 and June 10. After the seedlings are transplanted, the seedbeds are used for growing vegetables and flowers. Seedbeds measure 150 cm across and have plank sides. Seedbeds lack trenches (cold seedbed) or have a trench 30–40 cm deep (warm seedbed). Cold and heated beds are also used as seedbeds. On cold nights, seedbeds are covered with mats, bast, and other protective materials. Plants in beds are always kept under impermeable, transparent polymeric films.

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Based on seedbed temperature criteria alone, canola sown after the end of November in the Central Valley is likely to germinate well in fewer than 30% of years (fig.
Seedbed was prepared a few days before sowing in aggregate harrow disc harrow with adjustable corner.
If your seedbed is too firm, lightly disk it, as the crops we're talking about don't need to be planted more than a quarter inch deep.
The distribution of soil structural units controls the availability of oxygen, water, and the resistance to penetration by shoots and roots in seedbeds created by tillage (Hadas and Russo, 1974; Taylor, 1974; Schneider and Gupta, 1985; Nasr and Selles, 1995).
Poor seedbed preparation is a major cause of stand failures in grass plantings and therefore seedbed preparation should be planned and initiated well ahead of planting.
A seedbed for networking and professional development opportunities, NBMBAA's 15th annual conference, held in Atlanta in September, attracted more than 1,500 participants.
That tradition continues to make Utah a veritable "seedbed" for inventors and new technology.
Above all, the small-circulation magazines provide the seedbed for ideas which are often fragile at birth and require nurture, pruning and careful editorial cultivation all as part of the mysterious, never fully understood process by which they are finally projected out into the society for discussion, debate and possible testimony.
This method makes a dry seedbed with poor soil structure and results in crop yield limitations.
Among the topics are the Jewish intellectual in politics: new factors in an ancient tradition, European history: seedbed of the Holocaust, reflections of a historian in Jerusalem, the argument between Arabs and Jews: an exchange between Arnold Toynbee and J.
Preirrigation before final seedbed preparation is a common practice, as it stimulates a weed flush a few days after watering.
:: Plant out autumn/winter cabbage, winter cauliflower, sprouting broccoli and kale started in pots or a seedbed, as space permits.