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a plot of land in which seeds or seedlings are grown before being transplanted
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in horticulture, the simplest type of structure for raising seedlings in sheltered ground. In the central region of the European USSR seedbeds are used for growing cold-resistant vegetables and other crops that are to be planted in the open ground between May 10 and June 10. After the seedlings are transplanted, the seedbeds are used for growing vegetables and flowers. Seedbeds measure 150 cm across and have plank sides. Seedbeds lack trenches (cold seedbed) or have a trench 30–40 cm deep (warm seedbed). Cold and heated beds are also used as seedbeds. On cold nights, seedbeds are covered with mats, bast, and other protective materials. Plants in beds are always kept under impermeable, transparent polymeric films.

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As far as valerenic acid is concerned, the highest content of this compound was noted in valerian roots obtained from direct seed sowing and from autumn seedling transplantation in comparison to spring transplanting (seedlings produced both in multi-cell trays and on seedbeds).
With their broad leaves, brassicas shade out the seedbed, prohibiting weed growth and minimizing soil moisture loss through evaporation.
The ten seedbeds evaluated for okra were zero tillage in which paraquat (1,1 dimethyl 4,4 bipyridilium dichloride) was sprayed before planting, untilled manually cleared soil, mound top, mound side, mound base, mound furrow, ridge top, ridge side, ridge base and ridge furrow.
Since 2002, the National Association of Rural and Indigenous Women of Chile, known as Anamuri, has run the Seed Campaign, which includes campesino seedbeds, seed exchanges and biodiversity fairs.
One uses tillage equipment that has multiple tillage elements in a single machine to reduce the number of passes through the field needed to prepare a seedbed. The other approach is to rework beds that have been used to grow tomatoes or other vegetables using specialized equipment for the next crop.
Soil fragment size distribution has been introduced as a major factor controlling soil porosity and related soil processes in the seedbeds (Braunack and Dexter, 1989a, 1989b; Kay and Angers, 1999).
Tilled seedbeds have the same rigid requirements for successful grass hedge establishment as outlined for no-till seedbeds.
It combines the best attributes of the potting tables and seedbeds used in commercial greenhouses, scaled back for home gardens.
To see why the bacteria's gelatinous cell walls react so well to charged molecules -- why they serve as such good seedbeds for some minerals -- he soaked the bacterial webs in salts of calcium and iron.
Once Lilly acquired enough bulbs from a supplier based in Thika a year ago, she sunk basins on her farm and off the mother of two joined the dozens of farmers growing arabicum in the country.The flowers thrive in deep well-drained soils and in cool climate, according to agronomists who also recommend that the seedbeds should be slightly raised to allow good drainage.