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The planting of seed.
The adding of a seed charge to a supersaturated solution, or a single crystal of a desired substance to a solution of the substance to induce crystallization.
The introduction of atoms with a low ionization potential into a hot gas to increase electrical conductivity.
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BitTorrent seed

A BitTorrent client that has the entire file for downloading. The BitTorrent client is "seeding" as long as the program is kept running. See BitTorrent.


(1) The starting value used by a random number generation routine to create random numbers.

(2) A BitTorrent user who has a file that can be downloaded to another user. See BitTorrent seed.

(3) (seed accelerator) See startup accelerator.

(4) (SEED) (Self-Electro-optic-Effect Device) An optical transistor developed by David Miller at Bell Labs in 1986.
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Aerial seeding was done in the 1960s in the federal capital, during which seeds of paper mulberry were also dropped.
However, I know from experience the best seeding rate for clover/chicory mixes is closer to 10 pounds per acre, rather than the eight pounds provided in the bag.
Once the spreadsheet is opened, yield potential, seed cost, pod length, or seeding density can be changed to a single value in all the cells in any green column and the effect on ideal seed size can be visualized.
On some of the collectors installed on mold line applications, it has been found that periodic and even continuous application of seed material can greatly increase filter life and serviceability of the collector (see sidebar "GM Uses Batch, Continuous Seeding to Improve Dust Collector Filter Life").
"Most experiments haven't shown an effect when you seed with silver iodide, the standard seeding procedure," says K.
Because fall seeding maximizes germination and establishment in this environment (Chambers 1995), the study was initiated in mid-September 1991.
In March 1990, Global ReLeafers read the first issue of Classic Tree News, a newsletter designed to provide updates on the Historic Forests program, alert volunteer collectors to trees that are seeding, and recognize volunteers for outstanding contributions to the project.