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Software Engineering Institute.

(Carnegie Mellon University).



(Balaenoptera borealis), also sei whale, a marine mammal of the family Balaenopteridae of the suborder Mysticeti (whalebone whales). Adults reach a length of 18.8 m, and newborns 4.5 m. The narrow palate is white or pink; along its sides are a light hairlike fringe and 300 to 400 black plates of whalebone, or baleen, which reach a length of 0.8 m. The back is dark, the sides gray with small, light spots (traces of attachment of ectoparasites), and the abdomen gray to white. The dorsal fin is large and located at the beginning of the posterior third of the body.

The sei attains sexual maturity at five to seven years. It feeds on crustaceans, schooling fishes (for example, pollocks), and cephalopod mollusks. The whale occurs in all oceans—from the arctic to the antarctic. In the waters of the USSR it is found off the Kuril Islands and, very rarely, in the Barents Sea. A commercially hunted animal, the sei is decreasing in number.


(Software Engineering Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, A federally funded research and development center that is under contract to Carnegie Mellon University and is devoted to the advancement of software engineering and the quality of software support systems. The SEI carries out its mission through two principal areas of work: Software Engineering Management Practices, and Software Engineering Technical Practices.

The former practice, which employs the use of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) focuses on improving the management of software acquisition, development and implementation processes. The latter focuses on improving software engineering processes and tools. Together, these two practices are intended to promote the evolution of software engineering from an ad hoc, labor-intensive activity to a well managed discipline that is supported by technology. See CMM.
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SEI Education Program activities are unique among curriculum development efforts.
By incorporating everything into a single program, this solution makes it easier for advisors to give clients a clearer view of their finances and help them achieve their goals," said Kevin Barr, Senior Managing Director, Program Development, SEI Advisor Network.
Archways specialized technologies and deep knowledge of the private wealth services industry give us a more powerful, differentiated solution to a $7 trillion global family-office market that has been underserved by legacy service providers, said Steve Meyer, Executive Vice President of SEI and Head of SEIs Investment Manager Services division.
The system features an automated workflow that provides a consolidated view of daily deliverables, facilitates communication, and approvals between SEI and its clients, and improves transparency by tracking assets during the workflow process.
Commenting on the award, Steve Meyer, Executive Vice President, SEI, andHead of SEI's Investment Manager Services division, said:
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TIAA-CREF Trust Companys implementation of the SEI Wealth Platform reinforces the value of adopting a fully-integrated infrastructure to best serve future prospects, participants, and employees, said Al Chiaradonna, Senior Vice President, SEI Wealth Platform, North America Private Banking.
Commenting on the award, Steve Meyer, Executive Vice President, SEI and Head of SEI's Investment Manager Services division, said:
The UK market is important to SEI, and this award brings valuable recognition as we continue to grow our global presence, said Kevin Barr, Executive Vice President and Head of Investment Management Unit at SEI.
This collaboration with SEI will combine SEI's strength in superconducting wire technology with our experience in the design and development of industrial products using superconducting materials to enable new commercial applications in energy and health care," said Michael Idelchik, Vice President, Advanced Technology, GE Global Research said.
SEI today announced that the UK Fiduciary Management business has experienced significant growth in clients over the last 12 months (as of 31 March 2016).
Root's SEI is a tool for customers to measure employee engagement," said Jim Haudan, CEO of Root Learning.