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see wavewave,
in oceanography, an oscillating movement up and down, of a body of water caused by the frictional drag of the wind, or on a larger scale, by submarine earthquakes, volcanoes, and landslides.
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, in oceanography.



a standing wave of long period (from several minutes to tens of hours) that arises in large or small enclosed basins of water, such as seas, lakes, and bays. Seiches result from the interference of waves created by external forces, for example, sharp changes in atmospheric pressure, wind, or seismic phenomena, with waves reflected from the end of the basin. Seiches involve oscillation of the entire mass of water, so that there always exist one or more lines (points a and a’ in Figure 1, a and b), called nodes or nodal lines, along which the level does not change.

Figure 1

Seiches may be mononodal (Figure l, a), binodal (Figure l, b), and so forth, with amplitudes from a few millimeters to several meters. For example, seiches in Lake Geneva have attained an amplitude of 2 m with a period of more than I hr. In the Bay of Algiers seiches have attained amplitudes as high as 1 m and periods somewhat longer than 1 min, and in the Sea of Azov seiches with periods up to 23 hr and amplitudes of 10–25 cm have been reported.


(fluid mechanics)
An oscillation of a fluid body in response to the disturbing force having the same frequency as the natural frequency of the fluid system.
A standing-wave oscillation of an enclosed or semienclosed water body, continuing pendulum-fashion after cessation of the originating force, which is usually considered to be strong winds or barometric pressure changes.
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A seiche is commonly caused by strong winds that push the water in one direction.
Dubai Taiwanese mobile handset vendor HTC is pinning its hopes on new models -- to be launched in the second quarter -- to double its market share in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region this year from around 10 per cent last year, Florian Seiche, President of HTC EMEA, said.
During the event, HTC EMEA President Dr Florian Seiche revealed that 2010 was an "amazing" year for the company, having achieved a 93 per cent revenue growth.
For instance, Seiche should be considered in sedimentation tanks and clarifiers in which all mechanical equipment housed in them be designed to tolerate the wave effect caused by earthquakes (Heubach, 2002).
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Their complaint, the judge noted, alleged that "water damage inflicted on the petitioners' homes and property was not the result of flood, surface water, waves, [tidal] water, tsunami, seiche, overflow of a body of water, seepage under or over the outfall canal wall, or spray from any of the above, but was water intrusion caused simply from a broken levee wall.
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A similar thing can occur in lakes called a seiche (pronounced SAY-sh), which is the formation of standing waves (resulting from earthquakes or wind) in a body of water, due to wave formation and subsequent reflections from the ends.
Similarly, as seiche theories imply, the KTB structures permit to infer that oscillating movements in the water column were capable of causing bottom displacement of sediment at different intensities, and at different times.
observateur superficiel compare habituellement a la seiche [.
5 kilometers over the North Sea is more than 15[degrees]C colder than the surface waters, lower-atmosphere instability produces waves in the North Sea with the same sloshing frequency that a seiche in Rotterdam harbor would have.