selected tenderers

invited bidders

The bidders selected by the architect and the owner as the only ones from whom bids will be received.
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M3itd materials will be purchased from selected tenderers during the validity of the contract according to the need for use.
The detailed requirements for the tendered service are set out in the specifications which will be sent to the selected tenderers during the negotiation phase.
The subscriber specifies the procedure to be used in the procurement procedure with the price form provided to the selected tenderers.
The actual tender dossiers are delivered separately to the selected tenderers for the contract competition.
deposits and guarantees required: Each of the selected tenderers will constitute a definitive guarantee for 5% of the award amount corresponding to one (1) annuity of one of the lots in which it is awarded.
In this case, The contracting entity will send written invitation to the 3 selected tenderers to participate in the negotiation meeting and issue a renewed and final offer.
Eurail will ask the selected tenderers to prepare proposals regarding the discovery phase for the pact project.
The details of the mission and the expected objectives are recorded in a Consultation File which will be disseminated to the selected tenderers.
to the Pre Qualifier Questionnaire from which selected tenderers will be invited to proposal and
For further details on the nature and scope are included in the tender documents which will be sent to selected tenderers once the qualification competition with the invitation to tender.
Frontex may conclude framework contracts with the selected tenderers (3) on the basis of the draft contract included in the Annex V.
The expenses incurred in connection with participation in this process, prospective customers and / or selected tenderers not refunded any compensation claims are excluded.