Selective Mining

selective mining

[si′lek·tiv ′mīn·iŋ]
(mining engineering)
A method of mining whereby ore of unwarranted high value is mined in such manner as to make the low-grade ore left in the mine incapable of future profitable extraction; in other words, the best ore is selected in order to make good mill returns, leaving the low-grade ore in the mine.

Selective Mining


the separate extraction of useful minerals that occur together or the separate extraction of valuable minerals and gangue. Selective mining ensures the most complete extraction of a useful mineral with minimal depletion, but it increases the costs of extraction and complicates the organization of mining operations.

Deposits with complex structures are selectively worked by blasting blocks without disturbing the geological structure, by blasting the various useful minerals and gangue separately, by blasting along the contact areas of ore bodies and gangue, by blasting and separating layers of rocks simultaneously, and by loosening layers of rocks by means of rippers. Blasted rocks are removed from the face by means of controlled caving, selective vertical or horizontal excavation, sorting within the face, and combined removal. Selective mining is especially efficient when valuable ores are mined because it permits a significant improvement in the quality of the rock mass to be concentrated.

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Also, for 2017, the company expects to produce between 350 kilograms to 400 kilograms gold from the Pampalo underground mine by continuing the selective mining strategy.
The deposit consists of stacked seams ranging from 900 mm to 3 m in thickness, with similar thickness partings, making selective mining very important.
Mine plans re-cast to allow faster mining, intensified grade-control drilling and enhanced flexibility to switch between bulk mining and selective mining as most appropriate.
The selective mining method extracts material with a high degree of purity, reducing coal washing costs at the processing plant.
These envelopes are substantially broader than the previous resource envelopes allowing mining on a bulk mining scenario rather than the historical selective mining technique.
The Whim Creek Phase 1 work program, including pit slope parameters, sequential stages and selective mining studies, is largely complete.
The Wirtgen machine allows selective mining that enables cutting, crushing and loading in a single working pass.
Knowing the properties of aggregate and applying selective mining and crushing methods, it is possible to utilize more waste rock of oil shale mining.
We have been using very selective mining techniques and the average mine grades have been in the double digits, for example 11.
Meanwhile, other narrower high-grade stopes are being prepared for selective mining, which will be integrated into the production schedule and enhance the daily throughput grade.
However, given the extra operational cost of selective mining and the restricted scope allowed for increasing coal prices, very often even bigger blocks of ash are mined and mixed with coal.
Santiago Ramos, mining director of Iberpotash, noted that the "essential feature of the boom-type Alpine miners is that they allow selective mining, closely following the profile of the seams.
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