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(PSYCHOLOGY) the state of being centred on the self. Though this term may be used to describe adult behaviour it is most theoretically useful in the context of CHILD DEVELOPMENT theory. According to PIAGET and later theorists, the child moves from a state of egocentrism during which experience is in terms of the self with little understanding of the point of view of ‘others’, to a state where the perspective of ‘others’ can be taken into account. This development process is thus seen as crucial to normal SOCIALIZATION, involving the emergence of the ability to predict other's behaviour, to take others into account and to act accordingly
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an attitude toward the world marked by a concentration on oneself; an extreme form of egoism. In philosophy, egocentrism leads to solipsism; in ethics, to individualism. In J. Piaget’s genetic psychology, egocentrism characterizes the stage of development of the child between the ages of three and six and dominates his thinking and speech in this stage. The concept of egocentrism is also used in psychopathology and in several schools of depth psychology, including that of A. Adler.

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To self-centered leaders, everything and everyone else is secondary to personal gain.
hegemony in the region, through which Washington tries to impose its self-centered agenda.
Tamra and I agree that the student recognizes that the monster does not reach Maslow's self-actualization level; however it is interesting to note that the monster's behaviors reflect those of one who has attained self-actualization; he ultimately demonstrates autonomy, creativity, and most important, problem- centered rather than self-centered motivation; and, according to Tamra, such behaviors parallel a person with self-actualization.
Offstage, he was a complex construction of contrasts: elegant and coarse, loquacious in his praise and verbally assaultive, outrageously self-centered and impulsively generous, violently explosive and tenderhearted.
Joseph Medical Center yesterday morning, their volunteer drivers proving to the world that they are nothing like the arrogant, self-centered, fuel-squandering ignoramuses of stereotype."
When self-centered Merrick gets into a boating accident and ties up the local hospital's only rescue machinery, it costs the town's real hero his life.
His Dickensian view of life drove him to paint the world as he would like it to be--no drunken fathers or self-centered mothers, only kindly doctors, duty-bound soldiers, and regular folks at their daily occupations.
This will to power is expressed in self-centered egotism and an indifference to the pain of others.
That these institutions profit by displaying wild animals to the public only reinforces the image of the self-centered and greedy keepers of these once-majestic creatures.
They are destroying Wales with their self-centered attitude.
For example, if the candidate chooses the former, he or she acts as a solo practitioner (in other words, somewhat self-centered).
Refers to the time before September 11 and its impact on attitudes, as in "That's so BTA," or so naive and self-centered.