self-closing device

closing device, automatic closing device, self-closing device

1.A mechanism designed to ensure that an open fire door will close and latch in the event of a fire.
2. A device which ensures that a door will return to its closed position after being opened.
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The addition of a self-closing device would be an advisable upgrade to your fire door, but it is not a legal requirement
Also, it found out that the sprinkler systems at the fourth floor occupied by SSI was not functional; insufficient means of egress for the fourth floor; some existing doors have no self-closing device; some stairs were not fully enclosed; ground floor stair landing of the one exit was utilized as storage; failure to notify nearest fire station when the fire alarm system and sprinkler systems were out of service for more than four hours; dry standpipes were not installed at exits; proper raceways were not provided on the electrical wirings installed at the renovated portion of the third portal; and designated fire safety inspectors failed to indicate the correct fire safety status or violations of the buildings.
A new provision to the 2012 Life Safety Code now permits healthcare facilities to change the use of any existing room, including a patient room, to become a storage room--provided that the room does not exceed 250 square feet, is fully sprinklered with the number of sprinkler heads required for a hazardous area, and the door leading into the room has a self-closing device.
One of the doors had a self-closing device that had never been fitted.
Featuring three platform mounting options, the StowAway has a self-closing device that pulls drawers closed from a distance of up to 2 1/2 in.
Accuride now offers the StowAway slide which features three platform mounting options with a self-closing device that pulls drawers closed from a distance of up to 2 1/2 in.
Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation were ordered to provide self-closing devices "on all flat front doors and to improve fire safety in the escape staircases".
You may need to strengthen the floor and you'll be required to install fire doors and self-closing devices and also mains-wired smoke detectors.
Check that the self-closing devices, handles and locks work effectively and that the hinges are not worn.
"These breaches included the removal of fire doors which were designed to protect escape routes, removal of self-closing devices from fire doors, storage of combustible materials in escape routes and no working fire detection or fire alarm system.
In the 1950s, hand-held radio controlled remote systems and built-in self-closing devices became adjuncts to door operating systems in apartment buildings.