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self-help group,

nonprofessional organization formed by people with a common problem or situation, for the purpose of pooling resources, gathering information, and offering mutual support, services, or care. Self-help groups began to spread in the United States following World War II and proliferated rapidly in the 1960s and 70s. Among these groups are such organizations as Alcoholics AnonymousAlcoholics Anonymous
(AA), worldwide organization dedicated to the treatment of alcoholics; founded 1935 by two alcoholics, one a New York broker, the other an Ohio physician. They developed a 12-step program that has made coping with alcoholism possible for countless people.
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 and those for the victims and families of victims of specific diseases, child abuse, suicide, and crime. Groups concerned with a shared situation include those for the elderly, single parents, and homosexuals. The definition of such groups sometimes includes social-advocacy organizations and halfway services (e.g., drug rehabilitation centers). Although self-help groups may draw on, or offer a bridge to, professional assistance, free services are usually provided by the members themselves through meetings, publications, the Internet, and individual contacts.
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But that provokes the question: If every alcohol treatment clinic has access to self-help groups, why doesn't every hospital have a self-help unit?
Simi larly, Toseland and Hacker (1985) reported that whereas 86 percent of social workers could name at least one self-help group, 25 percent said that they did not know of an appropriate self-help group to which they could refer their clients.
Like Project MATCH, the VA study also found some evidence suggesting that 12-step self-help group involvement after treatment may be more beneficial for patients who have received 12-step-oriented treatment, compared with patients who have received CB treatment.
If all relatives were counted as women, then only about one-tenth of all alcoholics joining a self-help group are female.
People choose to attend self-help group meetings instead of seeking professional assistance for numerous reasons.
com/research/5b2419/micro_credit_self) has announced the addition of the "Micro Credit, Self-help Groups (SHGs) and Women Empowerment" book to their offering.
A donation was made to the North East Mesothelioma Self-Help Group by house builders Gladedale.
The cohesive approach of Tata Power along with the members of the communities and the local self-help groups will ensure a strong and sustainable relationship with its communities.
To answer this question, the impact of a World Bank program that established self-help groups in Cambodian villages on households' economic welfare and social capital a World Bank sponsored pilot of a self-help-group program in Siem Reap, Cambodia was studied.
The value of seeds and fertilizers that farmers receive through the World Bank-supported Agricultural Productivity and Assistance Project is repaid by self-help group members in the fall to allow further on-lending to new group members.
Mariammal was reluctant to join a self-help group when she was first approached.