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self-help group,

nonprofessional organization formed by people with a common problem or situation, for the purpose of pooling resources, gathering information, and offering mutual support, services, or care. Self-help groups began to spread in the United States following World War II and proliferated rapidly in the 1960s and 70s. Among these groups are such organizations as Alcoholics AnonymousAlcoholics Anonymous
(AA), worldwide organization dedicated to the treatment of alcoholics; founded 1935 by two alcoholics, one a New York broker, the other an Ohio physician. They developed a 12-step program that has made coping with alcoholism possible for countless people.
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 and those for the victims and families of victims of specific diseases, child abuse, suicide, and crime. Groups concerned with a shared situation include those for the elderly, single parents, and homosexuals. The definition of such groups sometimes includes social-advocacy organizations and halfway services (e.g., drug rehabilitation centers). Although self-help groups may draw on, or offer a bridge to, professional assistance, free services are usually provided by the members themselves through meetings, publications, the Internet, and individual contacts.
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The county legislator was speaking on Saturday at the Kenyatta Stadium in Maralal after distributing cheques, water tanks and beehives to schools, women's and youth self-help groups.
The societies have for decades been operating as self-help groups and merry-go-rounds of between 10 and 15 members.
Big Lottery Scotland chair Maureen McGinn added: "I wish the Parkinson's self-help group every success as it goes on to develop and expand its project for the benefit of the community; the funding will make a big difference where it is needed most."
To answer this question, the impact of a World Bank program that established self-help groups in Cambodian villages on households' economic welfare and social capital a World Bank sponsored pilot of a self-help-group program in Siem Reap, Cambodia was studied.
The World Bank-supported Agricultural Productivity Assistance Project in the Kyrgyz Republic assisted in establishing agricultural self-help groups of women, the Bank said in a press release.
With tears, Mariammal says, "If I had not joined the women's self-help group, my livelihood would have become worse, without any recourse at my age."
Financial inclusion, self-help groups (SHGs) and women empowerment.
However, the members of the self-help group, 'Bharneshwar Mahila Bachat Gat' said that the food they supplied were fresh.
The Dyfed Amputee Self-Help Group (DASH) was set up by Deborah Perry, an occupational therapist at Morriston Hospital's artificial limb and appliance centre.
Founding member and current chairman Ken Stokes said: "We started life as a self-help group and we still continue on a voluntary basis." The next event is a charity horse race night at Sutton Town Football Club on Saturday July 4..
MS curtailed my ability to play as I once did and I wondered how it was for the others in my self-help group. So I asked my MS peers if the disease had affected their capacity to play.
A WEBSITE to help sufferers of the debilitating condition ME has been launched by a Warwickshire self-help group.