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The worst fruit set was obtained from self-pollination at anthesis, which confirms the self-incompatibility of both genotypes studied.
As described above, self-incompatibility breaks down due to
Self-incompatibility response induced by calcium increase in sperm of the ascidian Ciona intestinalis.
The relationship between the self-compatibility and self-incompatibility alleles is described as S > [S.
Cryptic self-incompatibility in tristylous Decodon verticillatus (Lythraceae).
through "leaky" self-incompatibility or dioecy) would remove the advantage enjoyed by selfers in a metapopulation.
Using mixedpollen loads helped to ensure seed production even if one of the donors shared a self-incompatibility allele with the pollen recipient.
In this proposal I aim to bring together these distinct fields to assess the role of self-incompatibility in the evolutionary dynamics of hybridization in Antirrhinum by comparing how genetic signatures of selection vary across the genome.
Identification of a Skp1-like protein interacting with SFB, the pollen S determinant of the gametophytic self-incompatibility in Prunus.
In particular, pre-zygotic self-incompatibility has the capacity to limit fecundity in a small population if it is based on the Founder Effect of seeds successfully dispersed by the same parent stock because the number of S alleles in most plant populations tend to be limited (Richards, 1997).
We found that based on current knowledge, at least three evolutionary gains, or alternatively, six losses of self-incompatibility are required to explain the current distribution of known mating systems in Nyctaginaceae.
nervosa presents dichogamy and it could be that abortion is a consequence of self-incompatibility rather than herbivore damage alone.