self-service elevator

automatic elevator, self-service elevator

An elevator which starts and stops automatically in response to the pushing of a button at one of the landings or in the car.
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The first property located on Sheridan Avenue is just off the Grand Concourse, is an 85-unit 6-story self-service elevator apartment building with spacious layouts, new windows, roof and electrical systems.
The property, located across from Prospect Park, is a six-story, self-service elevator apartment building, consisting of 41 apartments.
The subject property is a six-story self-service elevator building.
Houlihan arranged a loan secured by a 1st mortgage in the amount of $2,000,000 encumbering of a 1.15 acre property improved with a 7-story concrete block and masonry brick doublewing, residential multi-family rental apartment building with two self-service elevators constructed in 1932 located at 33 Williams Street in the Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon, NY.