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, selvedge
a similar strip of material allowed in fabricating a metal or plastic article, used esp for handling components during manufacture
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selvage, selvedge

1.The finished edge of carpeting, a fabric, etc., which prevents raveling.
2. The unsurfaced strip along a sheet of prepared roll roofing that forms the underportion of the lap. The plate through which the bolt of a lock projects.
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One variant incorporates narrow black stripes into the undyed selvedge. Current research by interested individuals such as Benson Lanford may reveal more precise information relating to the various manufacturers.
(Remember that 1 stitch at each side has already been eliminated since you won't be seaming the body.) Because the sleeves will be sewn into the armholes, keep a selvedge stitch in this section and bind off 1 fewer stitch on each side.
Selvedge waste from production is provided to socially disadvantaged persons who knit these into rug mats which they sell and earn a living.
Uniform squeezing pressure within the fabric area including thick and narrow webs (without selvedge pressure).
The quick harness connections, the roll-away filling creel, the hand-operated quick snap locks for warp beam and cloth rolls, and a microprocessor for modifying crossing time settings for selvedges and shed are all standard on the Picanol OptiMax looms keeping machine downtimes to a minimum.
UNIVALETTE represents a significant step forward in name selvedge technology and will be demonstrated in a combination with the new rotary dobby S3060/S3260.
Main difference is fabric guiding and transport system, where singer is equipped with selvedge uncurling and a driven spreading and centering device.
The Nazmatic is a truly versatile machine, based on a modular system, which is suitable for making rolls with aligned selvedges on paper tubes, PVC pipes or wooden rolls from rolls, open fabric trolleys or A-frame/batcher trolleys.
- Sulphides associated with alteration selvedges of quartz veins and fractures continue to end of hole