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A malignant tumor of the testes composed of large, uniform cells with clear cytoplasm.



a tumor of the sexual glands that is usually malignant. Primarily occurring in young men, seminoma affects the testis. Cryptorchidism predisposes an individual to the development of this type of tumor, which metastasizes predominantly along the lymphatics. Seminoma is treated surgically, medicinally, and through radiotherapy.

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These transformed germ cells are thought to remain dormant until puberty, when the influence of sex hormones and normal spermatogenesis are believed to trigger malignant transformation to either seminomas or NSGCTs.
Research of NIS expression in pure seminomas with larger series may clear the option of RAI treatment in seminomas.
Figures 1-3 are depicting microscopic pictures of teratocarcinoma, seminoma and malignant fibrous histiocytoma.
We present here a rare case of hypospadiasis, micropenis and untreated cryptorchidism developing in inguinal testicular tumour at the age of 20, histopathology of which was reported as seminoma after surgery.
Ruptured seminoma of undescended testes presenting as acute abdomen: Case report with literatur review.
Of these, 464 patients underwent orchiectomy for NSGCT between 1980 and 2011, while 466 patients underwent orchiectomy for seminoma between 1998 and 2014.
Microscopically, seminomas are classified as typical, atypical, or spermatocyte.
Comparative immune histochemical characterization of canine seminomas and Sertoli cell tumors.
Fertility in patients treated with radiotherapy following orchidectomy for testicular seminoma.
HCG is a more specific tumor marker for nonseminomas (elevated in 60% of patients with advanced nonseminoma), but is also raised in 10-20% of seminomas [8, 9].
Comparison of Types of Testicular Cancers Cell Type Cell Differentiation Seminomas Most likely to produce a uniform type of cell.