semiprecious stone

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semiprecious stone:

see gemgem,
commonly, a mineral or organic substance, cut and polished and used as an ornament. Gems also are used as seals (items of assurance) and as talismans (good-luck charms). For birthstones, see month.
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To their surprise, the tiny clay pot was found to contain a precious treasure of gold and silver jewelry and semiprecious stones from 3,100 years ago.
Under the banner of the Amethyst Initiative, named for the semiprecious stone said to ward off drunkenness, the administrators argued that the current minimum age of 21 undermines respect for the law, prevents faculty members from teaching and modeling responsible drinking, discourages students from seeking help when they get into alcohol-related trouble, and encourages consumption in private, unsupervised settings where excess is more likely.
argues persuasively that the Grail is a typical twelfth-century portable altar, topped by a slab of semiprecious stone, under which a sacred relic might be encased, and upon which the Eucharistic elements were placed.
The newly expanded, revised third edition of a classic gemstone reference is a top pick for jewelry makers, rockhounds, and any fascinated by gems: it offers up new insights on collectibility, provides new 'double fraction' figures that experts have wanted, and provides over a thousand color photos profiling each precious and semiprecious stone in its rough, natural and polished versions.
Celebrating the country's first Academy Award winner in Charlize Theron, a jewelry company in Theron's homeland has named a recently discovered semiprecious stone after the "Monster" thesp.
Researchers' most surprising discovery: a piece of rock containing garnet, a semiprecious stone found only in rocks above sea level.
The Ann Ong brand has been associated with minaudieres with trademark gold-plated grasshopper and semiprecious stone clasps, and bold cuffs and dramatic necklaces in natural, organic shapes.
While Garnet may pay tribute to a semiprecious stone, I would liken it to a fine ruby.
featuring work by David Horste of DVHdesigns, who works with semiprecious stone and organic gems such as jet, fossil ivory, shell and bone, as well as recycled materials.
Under the proposed bylaw, precious metal or precious or semiprecious stone dealers in town would be required to obtain a license from the Board of Selectmen.
Some of the objects were inlaid with precious metals, glass and semiprecious stone.
The top of the range now sees the tooth encapsulated in crystal, bedded on a semiprecious stone and banded in silver.