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1. a steward of the household of a medieval prince or nobleman who took charge of domestic arrangements, etc.
2. Brit a cathedral official



(1) The administrator of the royal palace in the Frankish state of the fifth through eighth centuries. In the eighth century the seneschal also came to have judicial and military responsibilities. Great seigniors also had seneschals.

(2) In southern and western France, beginning in the 13th century, a royal official in charge of a judicial and administrative district known as a seneschalsy. Seneschals, who had broad judicial, administrative, financial, and military authority, were chosen mainly from among the local feudal nobility. In the 16th century, the seneschals lost all but their military responsibilities. The post was abolished during the French Revolution. In the northern part of France the seneschal’s functions were performed by the bailli.

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the seneschal, Lynette assails Gareth with kitchen-themed insults that
The seigneur is the head of the government, while the seneschal is Sark's chief judge and the president of the Chief Pleas.
The knight's death infuriates Arthur, who indicates his displeasure by sending help for his wounded seneschal with the specific instructions that Keu must return on foot and not on horseback (512-17).
Gotafredi, nepotis regis); Godfrey is given a fairly prominent position among the lay witnesses, sealing immediately after the king and his household officers, the constable and the seneschal.
Pratt ('Chaucer and the Roman de Troyle et de Criseyde', SP 53 (1956), 509-39): when he wrote Troilus, was Chaucer using the French translation of Il Filostrato made by one 'Beauvau, Seneschal of Anjou' who served the 'King of Sicily'?
Jennifer Baxi (retired teacher), Seneschal Road, Cheylesmore.
Seneschal gets the message Owner Colin Rogers did not make it to Lingfield to see veteran Seneschal win the second division of the 6f handicap in the hands of apprentice Racheal Kneller, but he texted trainer Adrian Chamberlain almost as soon as they were past the post.
Fortune favoured a brave Steve Drowne in the Selling Stakes as the perfect gap appeared on the rails opening into the home straight to allow Seneschal to oblige.
Spencer had seven rides at Yarmouth and it was a length-and-aquarter success on the Andy Haynes-trained Seneschal (6-1) that got him off the mark in the Banham Poultry Handicap.
On the hills of Bryn Euryn are the ruins of Llys Euryn, the court of Ednyfed Fychan, who was seneschal to Llywelyn the Great.
The sole Welsh family to provide England with a royal dynasty, the Tudors, were descended from Ednyfed Fychan, seneschal to Llywelyn ap Iorwerth.