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1. a steward of the household of a medieval prince or nobleman who took charge of domestic arrangements, etc.
2. Brit a cathedral official
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(1) The administrator of the royal palace in the Frankish state of the fifth through eighth centuries. In the eighth century the seneschal also came to have judicial and military responsibilities. Great seigniors also had seneschals.

(2) In southern and western France, beginning in the 13th century, a royal official in charge of a judicial and administrative district known as a seneschalsy. Seneschals, who had broad judicial, administrative, financial, and military authority, were chosen mainly from among the local feudal nobility. In the 16th century, the seneschals lost all but their military responsibilities. The post was abolished during the French Revolution. In the northern part of France the seneschal’s functions were performed by the bailli.

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Like the seneschal's wife who consents to the king's advances in Equitan and the Queen who meets Tristan in secret in Chevrefoil, the princess in Deus Amanz is as equally guilty of choosing infertility as her lover is.
The seigneur is the head of the government, while the seneschal is Sark's chief judge and the president of the Chief Pleas.
Chapter 1 examines how the Scholastic form of the disputatio, the judicial inquisitio, and more playful literary antecedents (tenso, dialogue amoureux, jeu parti, demande d'amour, etc.) culminated in the new model of fictional poetic collaboration found in the open-ended verse debate-responses of Jean le Seneschal's Cent ballades (ca.
From Clifford Knapp's description of teaching place-based education in a university graduate course, to Mark Grahams' reflections on the integration of the aesthetic and place through art in the classroom, and Elaine Seneschal's discussion of teaching at the Greater Eggleston Community High School, this section provides practical examples of successful place-based education through integrating community and natural resources, fighting for environmental justice, community based teaching, and the importance of indigenous knowledge of place.
Xen: A Novel from the Future is an intriguing science fiction tale about a scientist, Pawkey Seneschal, who loathes humanity's evils so much that he unveils a means to forever rid all humanity of its hate, prejudice, and xenophobia.
Marjolein Hogenbirk examines Arthur's seneschal in the Middle Dutch Lancelot compilation, arguing that the compiler adapted his texts to make Keye's character consistent throughout.
Andrews, who referred to himself as the castle's Seneschal, would smile and tell another story.
Arthur's seneschal generally represents all that is not courtly; his sharp tongue, impetuosity, and failure at quest after quest ensure him the sort of renown that knights prefer to avoid.
Tina, of Seneschal Court in Hallwood Park, Runcorn, said Ricky was a fit and healthy lad and had not suffered any serious health problems.
Gotafredi, nepotis regis); Godfrey is given a fairly prominent position among the lay witnesses, sealing immediately after the king and his household officers, the constable and the seneschal. On its own, either of the pieces of evidence cited here might well be viewed with considerable scepticism, but the fact that the two sources of quite different genres and provenance agree in identifying a relative of the king named Godfrey within a period of just over a single year indicates that there is no reason to doubt the historical existence of this individual.