sensing device

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sensor, detector, sensing device

A device which senses or detects an abnormal ambient condition, such as smoke or unusually high temperature; used to initiate an alarm signal, open a smoke hatch, etc.
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In Figure 6 we illustrate, at the top, the format for security messages originated at a sensing device and at the bottom those originated at the 6LBR.
3 whereas the deformation or the contraction of muscle introduced to the sensing device by means of the elastic modulus of materials, which caused the wavelength shift ([DELTA][lambda]) in the peak spectrum of signals and described [8] by 2,
The hardware for different sensor types and the communication technologies employed by various sensing devices add a heterogeneous feature to the sensor networks.
The best way to bolster ocean monitoring, Lautenbacher reasoned, was with a sustained and globally integrated research effort based on satellites and sensing devices in the ocean that would generate continuous data streams.
The battery is fitted with Hawker's Easy Plus sensing device which, by effecting a data link with the charger, provides a host of diagnostic data on battery condition to ensure efficient charging, and establishes a platform for a comprehensive IT-driven battery management system to optimise battery performance and maximise truck up-time.
The MS-50 electric switch is a multi-level sensing device designed for top of tank mounting and provides electrical contact outputs for point type level sensing.
The E-Nose, an electrochemical sensing device that picks up vapors produced by bacteria metabolism, may one day help physicians identify infections--and might also sniff out spoiled food or determine when a batch of coffee beans is optimally roasted.
Mobility studies with a tactile sensing device. Conference on Systems and Devices for the Disabled, Seattle.
They also feature an optional ambient light sensing device to minimize current consumption during high ambient light conditions.
A new sensing device from JHM Technologies Inc., Fenton, Mich., provides precise injection-pressure control for "Lite" RTM processing.