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the lack of economic and emotional supports generally accepted as basic essentials of human experience. These include income and housing, and parental care (or an adequate substitute) for children. This recognizes that care, shelter and security are human needs (see also HUMANISTIC PSYCHOLOGY, MASLOW) the possession of which leads to a fuller, more comfortable life experience and allows a more complete development of the individual's potential. See also CYCLE OF DEPRIVATION, POVERTY, RELATIVE DEPRIVATION.
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sensory insufficiency or inadequate load on the system of analysors observed in man when isolated or when the functioning of the main sense organs is impaired. Astronauts, speleologists, and others experience the phenomenon of deprivation. The depth of the psychological, autonomic, and somatic changes in deprivation is determined chiefly by its intensity and duration, as well as by individual personality traits. If work capacity and mental health are to be retained under conditions of deprivation, it is very important that the work be organized efficiently and that specific steps be taken to increase the reliability of the auditory, visual, interoceptive, and other information.


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Here, we briefly reviewed the findings of the literature on the cross-modal interplay of primary sensory cortices and on the effects of short-term sensory deprivation on the spared sensory cortical regions.
In our study, anisometropia was 69.23%, strabismic was 21.54%, while meridional and sensory deprivation types of amblyopia were 9.23%.
So what makes sensory deprivation "cruel and unusual" to some but a source of energy and relaxation to others?
This 'sensory deprivation' can make for an unmemorable or easily forgotten experience, lacking the enjoyable nature that many people associate with meals and other food occasions."
Osman, from Tufters Fold, Bailiff Bridge, was inspired to take on the gruelling 26-mile challenge to raise money for Sense, the national deafblind charity, after reading about their work and following previous fundraising for children with sensory deprivation.
Methods of torture reportedly include nail pulling, beatings, sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic drugs.
Pareja and Antonio Gil-Nagel' believe that sensory deprivation may be responsible for lucid dreaming and nightmarish dreams.
Selective attention is a highly malleable system that is both enhanced in remaining modalities following sensory deprivation, shows deficits in developmental disorders and in typically developing children from lower socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds and that can be increased in both typically and non-typically developing children following computerized training (Stevens & Neville, 2009; Stevens, Lauinger, & Neville, 2009; Stevens, et al., 2008).
AROUND 30 kittens were put down after having their eyelids sewn shut for an experiment on sensory deprivation at Cardiff University.
I didn't feel it at many of the sites I've already visited and, if anything, the intensity of the security presence at places like the Neue Synagogue, the Leo Baeck House, and Adass Jisroel, evoked a kind of sensory deprivation from the latent nerves.
Supposedly, they stripped away the riches of medieval Christianity and enforced sensory deprivation on the Church.
It affirmed the notion that states of consciousness altered by drugs, sensory deprivation, sweat lodges, and other methods might tune people in to otherwise hidden truths of the universe.