separate sanitary sewer

sanitary sewer

A sewer which carries sewage (liquid or waterborne waste from plumbing fixtures) and to which storm and surface water, street runoff, and groundwater are not admitted intentionally.
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Specifically, it alleged several violations of MMSD's Wisconsin Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit based upon eight separate sanitary sewer overflow events between Aug.
The NACWA/NRDC Guidance only applies to those diversions as they are recombined, and as they occur in separate sanitary sewer systems.
Wet weather flows were developed by combining I/I rates with DWF at each local sewershed for the separate sanitary sewer system.
Nationwide, many municipalities experience chronic overflows and bypasses in their separate sanitary sewer systems during intense or extended periods of rain.
In recent years, many cities and sewer agencies have shown increased interest in controlling chronic wet weather overflows and bypasses in their separate sanitary sewer systems.
Of Jeffersonville's total sewer area, 15 percent is served by combined sewers while 85 percent is served by separate sanitary sewers. The combined sewers are located in the older, downtown portion of Jeffersonville and lack sufficient capacity to transport all of the combined sewage that it receives to the city's wastewater treatment plant during rainfall events.