separate sewer

sanitary sewer

A sewer which carries sewage (liquid or waterborne waste from plumbing fixtures) and to which storm and surface water, street runoff, and groundwater are not admitted intentionally.
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Contract notice: study assignment n722: construction of bicycle paths and separate sewer system in alken and sint-truiden
Off-site treatment (as in having separate sewer network that brings wastewater load to a central wastewater treatment plant) that requires digging up cities to lay new networks of pipes, and building and operating a massive wastewater treatment plant somewhere
The D- 6 lane abuts Nepali colony that has no separate sewer connection because of which all the sewer flows into the open drain of the locality, making it unbearable for the residents of the houses located near the drain to venture out of their homes.
Modern separate sewer systems route sewage to a treatment plant via one pipe while another directs untreated stormwater into water bodies.
But this was deemed to be excessive and unnecessary so from 1920 onwards many homes were built with separate sewer systems, sending rainwater back into the waterways, and polluted water from the kitchen sink, toilet and washing machine to be treated.
Opponents to the combined sewer system advocated a separate sewer system to promote stronger sanitary practices.
The regulations also require MS4s--municipalities with separate sewer systems for stormwater--to obtain permits and implement pollution control activities.
was a prominent engineer of the 1800s responsible for designing some of the earliest separate sewer systems in the United States.

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