separating wall

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party wall

A wall used jointly by two parties under easement agreement, erected upon a line dividing two parcels of land, each of which is a separate real estate entity; a common wall.
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The large glass area on the Audace doors and separating walls allowed the increment of the passengers' vision field and well-being.
We study dominant regions with a fixed separating wall. A separating wall for a region R is a wall of R which separates R from [A.sub.0].
Gyrpoc was successful, and able to supply a solution with Rw57dB sound insulation between the hotel rooms, utilising a combination of a Gyproc metal stud walling system, Gyproc Quiet, an independent twin-frame separating wall designed to offer a very high level of acoustic performance, and high density plasterboard.
This cavity increase can be due to: a thinning of the separating walls (trabeculae) which will only give a slight increase in the marrow space or b) the increase can be caused by disappearance or perforation of some separating walls with or without changes of the thickness of the walls (trabeculae).
It can be used on the construction of domestic houses of up to two-storey height, replacing the structure of the inner leaf of external cavity walls, separating walls and internal partitions with storey height Celcon Elements.
Structure-based (passive) measures are largely focused on compartmenting the building to prevent fire spread and protect escape routes, with separating walls required to provide a minimum period of fire resistance, depending on location and building type/use.
Over 20 years ago, the separating walls of the borders reached the horizon, separating the sky itself, and in some countries the flight of civil aircrafts, over their airspace, was almost prohibited.

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