separation of powers

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separation of powers:

see Constitution of the United StatesConstitution of the United States,
document embodying the fundamental principles upon which the American republic is conducted. Drawn up at the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787, the Constitution was signed on Sept.
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In her dissent, then-Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg exposed the defect in the majority's attempt to bestow upon the theory of the unitary executive the same constitutional pedigree as traditional constitutional doctrines, such as separation of powers, (203) by channeling the Federalists.
Section 3 reports the results of the empirical study, estimates that show how fiscal illusion and spending vary across government characteristics by separation of powers and type of administration.
Therein lies the inherent justification of the over aching principles of check and balance which are veritably designed to maintain the system of separation of powers, keeping each branch in its place.
'Hindi [ito] pwedeng pakialaman ng Pangulo dahil meron tayong separation of powers (The President cannot meddle with this case because we have separation of powers),' Saguisag stressed in a press briefing, even emphasizing that Mr.
The SC has further ignited the flames, as the CJP, Saqib Nisaar appears to have let go of norms of separation of powers, when he visited AML President, and Nawaz's opponent, Sheikh Rasheed's constituency yesterday, in what seemed like a show of approval.
The proposal provides that governance during the next Transitional Period shall be guided by principles and considerations including separation of powers and functions between the legislative, executive and judicial arms of government, as well as maintaining effective checks and balances in the exercise of executive power.
Baghdad, Iraq (NINA) - The meeting, chaired by President Fuad Masum, stressed the importance of maintaining political and security stability and strengthening the principle of separation of powers and the prevention of a constitutional vacuum.
He tried.<br />"I'm taking a controversial position of being for the separation of powers," he said.
JUSTICE BARBARA PARIENTE, right, and Annette Boyd Pitts of the Florida Law Related Education Association, created a webinar to promote Law Day and train lawyers and judges on how to make a Benchmarks or Informed Voters Project presentation about the separation of powers. The webinar also discusses checks and balances and the role of the courts in our constitutional structure.
Rather, the issue before us strikes at one of the bedrock principles of our nation, the protection of which transcends political party affiliation and rests at the heart of our system of governmentthe separation of powers.<br />The founders of our country well understood that the concentration of power threatens individual liberty and established a bulwark against such tyranny by creating a separation of powers among the branches of government.
"Ang Presidente po kasi ay isang abogado at alam niya na mayroon tayong tinatawag na separation of powers (The President is a lawyer who knows the so-called separation of powers)," Roque told reporters in Laoag, Ilocos Norte in February).

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