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Through the present study, we sought to identify factors associated to mortality due to sepsis syndrome in children.
It is also possible that neutropenia could have been secondary to the sepsis syndrome.
Catheter-site signs of infection with sepsis syndrome was the most common finding (47.5%), followed by catheter-site signs of infection without sepsis syndrome (42.5%), as determined according to statements from Survival Sepsis Campaign,10 Only four patients had signs of infection at the site of catheter insertion and severe sepsis (10%).
There are several explanations for the increased prevalence of sepsis; in addition to a larger number of at-risk elderly patients, improved survival following trauma or malignancy provides for an expanding number of severely debilitated patients who remain susceptible to the morbidity of sepsis syndrome 6.
Appropriate antibiotic coverage is warranted while the patient is thoroughly assessed for infection as the source of the sepsis syndrome, which is common in pancreatic necrosis patients.
Adult critical care stay, sepsis syndrome, and corticosteroid therapy were associated with the greatest risk for death.
* Exclusion of other toxic shock syndromes or other toxic shock-like syndromes, including sepsis syndrome caused by other bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.
Proinflammatory cytokines and sepsis syndrome: not enough, or too much of a good thing?