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, septette
Music a group of seven singers or instrumentalists or a piece of music composed for such a group



a musical ensemble of seven instruments; also, a musical composition for such an ensemble.

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The septet has performed in venues across Europe including London's Wigmore Hall, Ronnie Scott's, Amsterdam's Concertgebouw and leading festivals.
An earlier sculpture, Quadruple 7, possessed many of the same visual characteristics as Septet 2, and provided clues to Delisle's evolution as an artist.
The Yisrael Septet will include: Yirmeyahu Yisrael on Saxophone, Amari Ansari on Saxophone/Flute, Mario Abney on Trumpet, Yah'El Yisrael on piano, Sam Albright on electric and upright Bass, Yehosheba Yisrael on Electric Bass and Peter Vanardo on Drums.
Yet, with the help of computer programs, their compositions for the septet were seamless, mature and perfectly emphasized by an intelligent song selection, which included several more reflective numbers such as "Shim al-Yasmine.
In this 45-minute chamber concert they will perform Beethoven's Septet.
Concerts will be held in Batha Museum and will feature headliners such as Louis Winsberg Septet, Monica Passos Quartet, Golden Gate Quartet, Hadouk Trio and Keltic Tales Quintet.
And he was expecting to get the go-ahead from the BSPA today to include him in his septet for tomorrow night's PL fixture at South Tees Motorsports Park.
Awarded by the French Academy of Jazz with the prize "Django Reinhart" of Best French Musician of the year, as well as the prize of Best French Album of the year for his album Windmills Chronicles in 2009, Guillaume continues to perform with the Paris-Jazz Big-Band, Pierre de Bethmann "Ilium" Septet, Herve Sellin Tentet and the quartet he formed with Peter Erskine, Nguyen Le and Michel Benita.
THIS quirky but industrious septet in die band from Cardiff released two albums in just eight months and have secured a devoted live following.
He also participated in the recording of an album called Seguro Me Da, Me Da (Abdala Records) with the septet Tembache, led by Juan Manuel Seruto and Eduardo Ramos.
His own writing for his septet is its greatest asset, but Fletcher's own considered and richly varied improvisations (he can do cool, but he can also do intense) are also a chief joy.
Compositions should be an original, previously unpublished work for brass septet (2221) 2 trumpets (cornets, flugelhorns), 2 horns (in F), 2 trombones (bass clef) and tuba.