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the forcible removal of goods and possessions, and, as used by FOUCAULT (1975), the enforced deprivation of personal liberty by the state in modern societies within specialized forms of CARCERAL ORGANIZATION.
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in bourgeois civil law, a prohibition or limitation imposed by the state in the state’s interest on the use of some property, for example, explosives, narcotics, or poisons.

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The electrochemical reactions between the anode and the cathode would sequester the carbon dioxide into carbon-rich compounds while also producing electricity and a valuable oxalate as a byproduct.
With no recommendation for Congress to vote upon, the automatic cuts of the sequester would be enacted starting January 2, 2013.
The sequester relief is paid for over 10 years by a mix of spending reforms, stronger tax compliance measures for large partnerships like hedge funds and private equity firms, and other measures.
While the Ryan-Murray compromise provided stability and predictability for two years, during the first three years of sequestration, the Defense Department had to make 70 percent of the sequester level cuts, or $119 billion.
But sequester cuts don't help us achieve any of them.
To Gollany, these results indicated that the original total soil carbon data varied because it contained accrued--that is, accumulated--plant carbon and not sequestered carbon.
Together, these two programs, which help plans that end up with higher-cost enrollees, are set to be cut by nearly a billion dollars in FY 2015 as a result of the sequester. However, the grants the president promised to send states to help them set up the exchanges required under the Affordable Care Act will not be spared the sequester's scythe.
That means Lane County will get its full allocation of $16.4 million that Congress approved in late September - unlike this year when the county's share was sequestered and automatically reduced by nearly 5 percent.
While details of the bill are not yet available, Reid expressed dismay at the House version, which wouldn't address sequester flexibility.
Cuts will continue through 2021 unless Congress changes the sequester law.
Yet the pace of public health advances is, Collins says, being slowed by the sequester. He entered federal service to oversee decoding the human genome, which he describes as "reading out the instruction book for human beings.''
June's quiz using a "sequestered" approach chart was quite clever, but I think you got the first answer wrong.