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A piece of dead or detached bone within a cavity, abscess, or wound.
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a piece of tissue that has died as a result of a circulatory disorder and become separated from the surrounding healthy tissue. A sequestrum may develop, for example, during osteomyelitis. Sequestration may also occur in lung, tendon, or muscle tissue. While in the body, a sequestrum continuously promotes the suppurative process. A sequestrum may be discharged from the body with the flow of pus; sometimes, however, it is necessary to remove it surgically

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Computed tomography (CT) is of little use in the diagnosis of acute infection, but is important for investigating bone sequestra and planning surgery.
A ansiedade sequestra o intelecto e passa a ser patologica quando e desproporcional a situacao que a desencadeia, ou quando nao existe um objeto especifico ao qual se direcione.
In the case of osteomyelitis, visual inspection focused on signs of sequestra and of cloacal openings entering the medullar cavity since these lesions result from the introduction of pyogenic bacteria into the bone (Brothwell and Sandison 1967; Ortner and Putschar 1981; Steinbock 1976).
The anterior wall of the maxillary sinus, as well as the palatine process, are mildly depressed, and the lateral and medial walls of the sinus are fragmented, with several bony sequestra present within the sinus cavity.
No decorrer desse crescimento, a vegetacao sequestra taxas de carbono maiores do que elas lancam na atmosfera com o processo de respiracao.
Trata-se de uma "cura", o que significa que nao sequestra a atencao para a gestao de sintomas patologicos e/ou para a recuperacao de competencias mentais fragmentarias e segmentadas; que nao usa o psicofarmaco em funcao anestesica, como faz aquela parte da psiquiatria que se reduz a encefalolatria e com o farmaco tende a tornar muda a dor e, ao mesmo tempo, a cortar a palavra ao paciente ...
Moreover, I note that in Apuleius's novel, too, the miller's wife is said to have an old woman as intermediary between herself and her lover: sed anus quaedam stuprorum sequestra et adulterorum internuntia de die cotidie inseparabilis aderat.
Use of nPCR to identify feline herpesvirus in ocular tissue from clinically normal cats and cats with corneal sequestra or conjunctivitis.
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The typical radiographic appearances of osteoarticular tuberculosis in the extremities, the second most common form after tuberculous spondylitis, are metaphyseal or epiphyseal lesions that lack sclerosis, sequestra, or periosteal bone reaction.