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the forcible removal of goods and possessions, and, as used by FOUCAULT (1975), the enforced deprivation of personal liberty by the state in modern societies within specialized forms of CARCERAL ORGANIZATION.



in bourgeois civil law, a prohibition or limitation imposed by the state in the state’s interest on the use of some property, for example, explosives, narcotics, or poisons.

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Section 45Q needs to be updated to reflect the realities of CO2 capture and sequestration so we the technology can improve and expand, said Dale Niezwaag, Vice President of Government Relations at Basin Electric Power Cooperative.
It showed a large, well defined, left lower lobe multi-loculated cystic mass with multiple enhancing internal septae and a vessel arising from the descending aorta supplying sequestrated lung portion thus suggesting diagnosis of an intralobar bronchopulmonary sequestration with superadded infection (Figure-3).
Biological carbon sequestration is also known as terrestrial carbon sequestration.
He pointed to the tremendous efforts that are being made here and there all over the world to conduct research on technology of carbon sequestration, storage, development, employment and delivery to all the relevant authorities, commending these efforts including those being exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is making steady and significant progress at several fronts.
Sequestration cuts have impacted Americans' health and livelihood, APHA and others noted in the letter.
The project is part of the development phase of the Energy Department's Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnerships initiative, which is helping develop and deploy carbon capture and storage technologies across the country.
UC researchers have developed a tool that helps users understand how forest management options will affect carbon sequestration.
But he acknowledged that the political dysfunction that resulted in sequestration has not gone away.
Both the government and the researchers hope this accurate survey of Peru's carbon resources will not only allow the country to join carbon sequestration agreements, but also be a boon to conservation efforts.
The increasingly likely prospect of sequestration as the date drew near created a frenzy.
Inaccurate soil carbon measurements can result in overestimates of how much carbon has been sequestered--and until sequestration actually occurs, the carbon can be emitted back into the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.
No federal entity has been hit harder by sequestration than the U.