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the forcible removal of goods and possessions, and, as used by FOUCAULT (1975), the enforced deprivation of personal liberty by the state in modern societies within specialized forms of CARCERAL ORGANIZATION.
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in bourgeois civil law, a prohibition or limitation imposed by the state in the state’s interest on the use of some property, for example, explosives, narcotics, or poisons.

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Subsequently, Greggy asked the SBN to lift the sequestration, explaining that the grant of his demurrer in 2005 dropped him as a defendant from the 1987 complaint.
"If it is not paid by then, sequestration would be awarded by the sheriff."
Witness sequestration has been part of the common law in Florida for more than a century.
It showed a large, well defined, left lower lobe multi-loculated cystic mass with multiple enhancing internal septae and a vessel arising from the descending aorta supplying sequestrated lung portion thus suggesting diagnosis of an intralobar bronchopulmonary sequestration with superadded infection (Figure-3).
This uptake is going on through natural processes but not through deliberate sequestration. Atmospheric CO2 is dissolved into the sea water which results in the increase of acidity in the sea water.
Engineer Al-Naimi considered that All countries represented at the Carbon Sequestration Leadership Forum and others agree that the technology of carbon sequestration and storage represents a very important part of the global quest to reduce greenhouse emissions.
Sequestration cuts have impacted Americans' health and livelihood, APHA and others noted in the letter.
The demonstration, known as the Illinois Basin-Decatur Project, is operated by the Midwest Geological Sequestration Consortium, with funding from the DOE.
Some researchers suggest that the 'joint use of carbon sequestration and the provision of forest-derived products (e.g., timber and biomass for energy) will optimize the contribution of forestry in climate mitigation' (Canadell and Raupach 2008).
"When sequestration hits, people are going to start scrambling around," he said.