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A sharp ridge or pinnacle of ice among the crevasses of a glacier.



a sharp ice protuberance on the surface of a glacier. Seracs form when the ice cliffs between transverse crevasses collapse and melt nonuniformly in an icefall area.

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Serac and Coveris received the ecodesign award from PackTheFuture for Optys, a 100 per cent decorated bottle thermoformed from a pre-printed plastic sheet.
At Chamonix, though, the waters of life are suspended in icefalls, seracs, and the Mer de Glace.
A quick, breathtaking taxi flight back up over the crevasses and blue iced seracs delivered us near the entrance of the Russein Valley and a perfect, feather-light landing on a narrow ridge.
Where the land is uneven, or very steep, crevasses and seracs form.
Then seconds later you are heading into the clouds and the eerie world of seracs and crevasses where the skill of your guide can literally save your life.
Climbing from base camp to camps II, III and IV also involved picking through the Khumbu icefall's massive seracs, walls of ice as high as 10-story buildings.
He said there was a continuous risk of seracs along the route selected by the expedition, and that avalanches on the mountain had been a warning sign.
There is continuous risk of seracs along the route selected by the expedition.
Karsha monastery and its attendant nunnery hang suspended above Karsha village like two seracs. At the foot of the monastery lives Nawang Latok, a retired revenue officer for the Zanskar valley.