serial communications

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serial communications

[′sir·ē·əl kə‚myü·nə′kā·shənz]
The transmission of digital data over a single channel.
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One after the other.

serial transmission

Transmitting data one bit at a time (one bit after the other on the same wire). All types of communications networks use serial transmission, and the internal channels in computers have switched from parallel to serial data transfer. For more details, see parallel vs. serial. Contrast with parallel transmission. See serial port, SATA, PCIe and SAS.
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This type of one-to-one communication is a second limitation of serial communications. As seen in (Figure 1), the traditional serial link, even over secure telephone, still represents one serial source communicating with only one processor.
Using industry-standard, open-architecture communications protocol, the controller provides high-speed serial communications (through an RS422/485 compatible port) via multidrop connection to other controllers and to a master terminal with up to 4000 ft.
* UPC660 microprocessor-based, 1/4-DIN pressure controller with auto/manual mode, dual programmable alarms, adjustable PID control, dual LED displays, selectable mA/v d-c control output, and optional serial communications.
Advanced Firmware Development (AFD) has released Visual BreakOut for Windows, a product that lets you diagnose serial communications problems without the need for an expensive data line analyzer.
Features include: field-configurable phase-angle or zero cross firing for improved application flexibility on site; 50/60 Hz independent operation for usage almost anywhere; snap fitting on a premounted, removable mounting subplate for ease of installation; heater and control diagnostics capabilities to monitor actual heater and control performance and help eliminate initial startup problems; serial communications utilizing Modbus RTU protocol for remote control setup, computer control and monitoring of load status from a nearby computer station or control room; and single-and three-phase models from 60-245 amps.-Watlow Electric Manufacturing Co.
Serial Communications--Digital signals (zeroes and ones) which are transmitted through a single pair of wires are called serial communications. If you were to look at the voltage on a serial communication line, you would see only two voltages (typically 0 and 5VDC), with the voltage switching in a square wave from low to high and back to Low to create zeroes and ones.
All units come standard with USB communications; Ethernet and serial communications are offered as options.
Controller area network (CAN) and local interconnect network (LIN) are serial communications buses.
The full serial communications mode provides feedback about the state of the pump and assists with preventative maintenance.
Sealevel Systems introduces the new COMM+4.PCle serial interface, which delivers flexibility for expanding serial communications in a variety of test and measurement, process control, and point-of-sale applications.
A rear serial communications port is available as either an EIA-232 or an EIA-485 interface.