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PortBox2 supports full RS-232 serial port in hardware
Axelson devotes two new chapters to the use of this new class and explains how designers can use it to operate serial ports and manage and control data transfers.
The organization and its founding members define and implement Serial Port Memory Technology for broad market adoption as an industry standard memory interface capable of delivering the bandwidth flexibility, scalability, reduced pin count and low power required by future generations of mobile devices.
I/O Controller 2 also supports 9-bit data transfer over the serial port
For more information about Serial Port Memory Technology and the benefits of SPMT membership, please visit http://www.
The serial ports on each SeaLINK+8 appear as standard COM ports to the host computer enabling compatibility with legacy software.
The need for serial ports or UARTs continues to grow from traditional industrial markets to consumer electronics and our line of PCI and USB adapter chips are ideally suited to meet the demand.
Boasting speeds of up to 921 kbps, the new Quatech USB Serial Adapters enumerate themselves as standard serial ports without changes to application software or hardware.
By simply plugging in two Edgeport/8 units, ABM AMRO ONE gained 16 serial ports in a matter of minutes without opening the PC's chassis, reconfiguring and rebooting.
Packed with standard features including dual 10/100BaseT Ethernet, two RS-232/422/485 serial ports, and two USB 2.