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PortBox2 supports full RS-232 serial port in hardware
Handwriter Manta comprises two units: a tablet about the size of a mouse pad that attaches to your computer's serial port and a cordless, battery-powered "pen" that performs mouse functions when it's tapped on the tablet and operates like a pen if you use it to write on the tablet; the output of the writing appears on the computer screen.
The remote control system consists of two hardware components: a wired receiver attached to the computer's serial port and a handheld transmitter housing pushbuttons to duplicate certain computer keystrokes.
It derives all of its operating power from the serial port of the PC.
The Perle TruePort utility provides true remote serial ports over an Ethernet LAN.
It offers bus-independent serial port expansion, a platform for hosting and running application specific programs, and the ability to remotely monitor and manage serial devices.
The DeviceMaster PRO 16-Port 10/100 Base-T device server provides bus-independent serial port expansion and a platform for hosting and running custom-developed applications.
The D1-148 is available in two computer interface versions: Serial Port (RS-232) and USB.
Dallas-based DSX Access Systems, Inc., is improving the flexibility of its WinDSX access control system with the DSX-LAN (M) module by utilizing TCP/IP communications as well as dial-up modem and direct serial port connectivity.
Data Examiner enhances the Inductotrace System, providing an interface to Windows 9X/NT via a RS232 serial port from which the device is powered, (no batteries or power connection).

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