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A hydrothermal or metamorphic process involving the introduction of or replacement by sericite.



a process in which plagioclases and other minerals are replaced by sericite through the action on rocks of low-temperature hydrothermal solutions. Wallrock metasomatism that accompanies the development of copper pyrite, complex, gold-silver, and antimony-mercury ores is typical of serialization. Frequently, sericitization develops in connection with the beresitization, listvenitization, propylitization, and silicification of rocks. The presence of sericitization is made use of in prospecting for ore bodies.

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These are characterised by intense quartz veining, sericitisation and the development of sulphide rich zones, mainly pyrite and chalcopyrite.
Some retrograde sericitisation and replacement by calcite has taken place.
Silicification, sericitisation and chloritization are the principal alteration types observed in the mine.