series circuit

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series circuit:

see electric circuitelectric circuit,
unbroken path along which an electric current exists or is intended or able to flow. A simple circuit might consist of an electric cell (the power source), two conducting wires (one end of each being attached to each terminal of the cell), and a small lamp (the
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Series circuit

An electric circuit in which the principal circuit elements have their terminals joined in sequence so that a common current flows through all the elements. The circuit may consist of any number of passive and active elements, such as resistors, inductors, capacitors, electron tubes, and transistors.

series circuit

[′sir·ēz ‚sər·kət]
A circuit in which all parts are connected end to end to provide a single path for current.

series circuit

A circuit which supplies electric power to a number of devices connected so that the same current passes through each device in completing its path to the source of supply.
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Arndt said the new series circuit in the CDS 100 model size has its biggest market in roadbuilding--such as commercial class asphalt pavers--due to its lower pressure drop, which helps improve machine efficiency.
Offering the industry's highest density, the PowerWorx Select Series circuit breaker platform supports up to 16 field-replaceable circuit breakers in a single rack unit.
Then they find that module in the software and proceed to build a series circuit, determine the series current through each resistor or element, find the voltage across each resister and look at the series through sophisticated simulations of various instruments: an ammeter to measure current, a voltmeter to measure voltage, an ohmmeter to measure resistance and an oscilloscope that lets students see voltage wave forms with instantaneous values.
Like Madeira, Lisbon is also making its debut on the Extreme Sailing Series circuit and is well known for its warm weather and a temperamental ocean breeze.
For established top rugby stars to adapt to the shorter format they would need time on the Sevens world series circuit and that is just not possible amid club and international commitments in the modern game.
Most of the team has been on the World Series circuit so we've been competing at a high level for most of the season.
The Irish women's team have shown what a little investment and a lot of commitment can achieve by gaining core status on the World Series circuit.
A series circuit is much like a daisy chain of electrical components or voltage sources.
Robertson and Wallwork begin against china's Xu chen and Pan Pan while sixth seeds Blair and Bankier meet Germany's Johannes Schoettler and Birgit Overzier in this ninth of 12 events on the 2008 world Badminton Federation super series circuit.
has introduced its T9 series circuit breaker for equipment that is free from lead and other hazardous materials as outlined by RoHS.
A blonde mother of two who fishes tournaments with her son, David, Burrus is a regular participant on the World Billfish Series circuit.
England, Wales and Ireland have all accepted invitations to attend next month's event, which is part of the International Board's world series circuit.