servants' room

servants’ room

In a large home of the past (or in a dependency of such a home), a common room in which the servants gathered, ate, and waited to be summoned. Also called a servants’ hall.
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References in classic literature ?
Milvain was sitting, or rather perching, upon the edge of a chair in the servants' room. Whether there was any sound reason for her choice of a subterranean chamber, or whether it corresponded with the spirit of her quest, Mrs.
After informing her that the Diamond must have been taken by somebody in the house, he requested permission for himself and his men to search the servants' rooms and boxes on the spot.
Superintendent's reflections (after failing to find the Diamond in the servants' rooms or boxes) had led him, it appeared, to an entirely new conclusion.
Well, over that coach-house are the servants' rooms, with bells corresponding with the different apartments."
There was no one in the kitchen or in the servants' rooms, which were close at hand.
The servants' rooms are reached through the door B.
Designed as though it was the property of a wealthy merchant, visitors to the property can wander around the living space, servants' room, bedrooms and even the luxurious bathroom, which has been built with a hypercaust underfloor heating system, a copper bath and tiled cold plunge pool.
And he could be mean-spirited; towards the end of his life, the man who left an estate of $161,000,000 took the electric heater out of his servants' room after Lockport raised its electricity rates.
Their first step was to modernise the inside, while keeping the period features, and turn two former servants' rooms into bathrooms - giving the house a total of four.
Seen the butlers', valets', dressers' and servants' rooms but where's ours?
The servants' rooms were built in 1889 on to the front of the existing west wing.
To the left of the current front door was the master's parlour with a ladder up to the bedroom above and on the other end was the entrance passage, buttery and pantry with servants' rooms above.