service door

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service door, service entrance

An exterior door in a building, for the delivery of equipment, supplies, etc., for the removal of waste, or for the use of servants.
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Classified within the same category is the Isuzu-ALMAZORA Class II prototype, with a special structural body designed by Almazora Motors Corporation, this prototype has a side-facing fiber glass seats with padded cushions, fiber glass and GI sheet combination body panels, panoramic glass windows, electric folding service doors and is also fully air-conditioned.
* Designed for ease of service, with rear service doors opening 90 degrees for easy access to both sides of the in-line-mounted engine
Mooching outside around its periphery (there are service doors to the back) the bright colours and low scale, the dry gardens and thin windows are reminiscent of holiday chalets with a suspicion of fun palace.

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