service entrance

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service door, service entrance

An exterior door in a building, for the delivery of equipment, supplies, etc., for the removal of waste, or for the use of servants.

service entrance, service entry

1. That part of the customer’s installation from the point of attachment (or termination) of the electric service lateral to and including the service equipment on the customer’s premises.
2. In a communications system, the point at which the network communications lines (e.g., the telephone company lines) enter a building.
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City's Joey Barton was forced to enter the stadium through a service entrance to keep him away from fans, angered by his refusal to accept a pounds 28,000-a-week contract offer.
With a high-accuracy revenue meter located at the utility service entrance, an EEM system can "shadow bill" overall energy consumption.
Sunday-Monday, August 28-29: Croxteth Hall Garden Society, 25th flower show, Croxteth Hall (use service entrance off Croxteth Hall Lane), Sun 1-5pm, Mon 11am-4.30pm.
All GTV panel models are service entrance rated for single phase electrical applications.
Lopez-Crozet has a hairdresser friend who's styling models that are supposed to dance around the dinner and "make it look like the Factory." "We go in the service entrance pretending to be hairdressers too," Muzquiz relates.
Yet no one would regard my complexion the same way if I entered such hotels through the service entrance....
Installed at the main service entrance or within the facility at branch distribution panels, the Surge-Guard 400 provides protection against both conducted and induced transient over-voltages that may be caused by direct lightning strikes, utility switching or other random electrical disturbances.
The Tesco store will require the demolition of Station House and the widening of John Street to allow access for delivery vehicles to a new service entrance opposite the Station Cafe.
Bravely entering the darkened service entrance behind the Savoy Pons, a shabby apartment building long-since abandoned to thieves and misfits, Bellum spied a figure shuffling into a doorway.
Just as the two were entering the bank's service entrance, the man appeared and fired two shots in the air with a handgun.
A service entrance leads from the two-car garage in each unit.
The agency also suggested promoting officials regardless of the type of civil service entrance exam they took.

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