service entry

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service entrance, service entry

1. That part of the customer’s installation from the point of attachment (or termination) of the electric service lateral to and including the service equipment on the customer’s premises.
2. In a communications system, the point at which the network communications lines (e.g., the telephone company lines) enter a building.
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The Midshipmen and Service Entry candidates who excelled during training were presented with special awards in recognition of their meritorious performances.
When they looked around, they found bowls of cat food sprinkled with a white powder had been left in the service entry.
PROTECT VITAL ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT at the service entry. The SES 200 Series is a CRITEC surge-protection device, featuring transient discriminating technology.
As of press time, the Sender concept study contract is scheduled to be released by this month with a service entry data for the system expected around 2008.
1 LOCATE the service entry for the telephone lines.
Once a Lookup service is established, the device can upload its Service Entry to the Lookup service, making its drivers and interfaces available to clients.
Such features as dentil moulding along the roof line, narrow service entry doors, zero lot lines, and traditional entryways and windows blend to create the community's historic, turn-of-the-century feel.
Some issues seem to pose philosophical dilemmas, such as: deciding between helping someone get a first job or helping someone else who has lost or left a job to get another; striving to remain non-exclusionary in service entry criteria while the number of consumers awaiting supported employment service grows exponentially; and recognizing the importance of helping people achieve their life dreams while working in a system that often considers those life dreams "unrealistic." Finally, there were concerns expressed about the ability of the system to enable competent job coaches to remain on the job.
From a service entry where the sink is now, a doorway opened to a butler's pantry, then the kitchen, and finally a pantry and utility room.
Planned A350-1000XWB service entry on 10SEP19 remains unchanged.
AerLingus in last week's schedule update adjusted operational aircraft for Shannon - Boston route, which sees service entry of Airbus A321neo LR aircraft on 27OCT19.

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