service load

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1. A force, or system of forces, carried by a structure, or a part of the structure.
2. Any device or piece of electric equipment that receives electric power.
3. The power delivered to such a device or piece of equipment.
4. The amount of heat per unit time imposed on a refrigeration system; the required rate of heat removal.

service load

1. The load which a structure is expected to support under normal usage; the nominal load is often taken for this value.
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Having in mind that there are only three variable actions of different origin (service load, snow load and wind pressure) and that the service load should not be combined with snow load or wind actions, the expression (6) reduces and Eq.
The accuracy analysis of curvature predictions at service load [M.sub.ser] = 0.6 [M.sub.u] ([M.sub.u] is the ultimate moment) was performed.

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