service riser

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riser, 1
1. The vertical face of a stair step.
2. Any upright face, as of a seat, platform, etc.
3. A platform on the stage of a theater or concert hall on which a performer is placed.
4. A water-supply, drainage, gas, steam, or vent pipe which extends vertically, one full story or more, to service several branches or a group of fixtures.
5. An electrical cable which extends vertically, one full story or more, to distribute electrical power to electric panels on the different floors of a building.
6. A duct, which extends vertically, one full story or more, to distribute air to branch ducts on the different floors of a building.
7. A vertical supply pipe for a fire sprinkler system.
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The exposure to the risk associated with such leak migration can be reduced significantly through the use of a service riser that is designed to vent the accumulated gases harmlessly to atmosphere.
The new service riser incorporates the utility preferred factory "transition" style connection above ground.
The offices are organised over five floors with a lift, glass stair, lavatories and service risers filling the irregularities of the site.
The Corrosion Section of CSU installs, operates and maintains cathodic protection equipment and performs 10% surveys on all protected gas service risers. The Leak Search Section conducts periodic leak surveys on all gas service and main lines within the CSU gas service territory as well as performing atmospheric corrosion monitoring on all gas service risers.
gas system materials, including pipe, pipe detection wire, valves, fittings, service tees, service risers, meters, and regulators will be furnished and installed by the contractor.
Tenders are invited for the scope includes the manufacturing and/or supply and delivery of flexible steel service risers for ervia for and on behalf of gas networks ireland to the republic of ireland.
- Allow for Structural/M&E builders work to duct new fume cupboards on Level 1 to Level 4 roof plant area (Through Levels 2 & 3 floor plates/existing service risers).
Supply and installation of communal fire door-sets on escape routes, supply and installation of Flat Entrance door-sets to individual flats, replacement glazing in areas where fire upgrading is required (all glass installed shall be tested), surveying of ventilation ductwork and carrying out associated remedial works, Fire stopping in service risers, bin chutes etc.
The cellular study rooms, located to the South of the library are served by smaller (South) facing windows located between service risers, overlooking the car park.
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