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service sector


tertiary sector

the sector of the economy which provides personal or business services, e.g. tourism or insurance and banking. As such, the service sector is distinguished from the PRIMARY SECTOR and SECONDARY SECTORS of the economy. It is a usual correlate of economic development for the service sector to expand and the primary and secondary sectors to contract.
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"The most prominent encapsulation of these trends was seen in Germany, where a rapidly deteriorating manufacturing economy almost entirely offset ongoing robust growth of the service sector," said IHS Markit.
'Service sector is also another growth driver in 2018 but we cannot also discount agriculture.
He reviewed several aspects relating to civil service sector in the Maldives and the statistical indexes of civil services sector.
Last month's service sector data suggested hotels and restaurants had a particularly tough month.
The survey showed the latest increase in new work received by service sector firms was still one of the weakest seen since the summer of 2016.
Along with the service sector, the highest amounts of loan have been paid to industry and mining sectors (954.24 trillion rials), commerce sector(439.26 trillion rials), housing sector(238.7 trillion rials) and agriculture sector(247.02 trillion rials).
The service sector has a significant share in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), offering career opportunities to the citizens, and also offers inputs and public services for the economic growth and prosperity.
Diversity is a key word in describing the service sector. ICT services are closely connected with the manufacturing sector and seem today to almost determine the competitiveness of the sector.
THE pace of business volumes growth in the business and professional service sector has slowed but remained stable in consumer services, research from employers' body the CBI shows.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 30, 2016-UK service sector sees slower growth, drop in optimism
In Pakistan, this need has long been recognized for businesses which require a framework that provides flexibility suited to requirements of small and medium enterprises and service sector.

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