service sink

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slop sink

slop sink
A deep sink, usually set low, esp. used by janitors for emptying pails of dirty water.
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This equipment requires certain plumbing system design accommodations in housekeeping closets: (1) an external shutoff valve and check valve in each supply line to a mixing faucet, to reduce the likelihood of cross flow and improve the control of water temperatures; and (2) an emergency eyewash and shower adjacent to each service sink.
Security features include bullet-resistant construction, custom-designed shelves and cabinets for surveillance equipment, intercom systems and data ports for communications, climate control, service sink, and dimming lights to reduce glare and increase visibility during night hours.
And why do the Government, who claim the NHS is their top priority, stand by and watch the credibility of the service sink into the sewers as more and more dangerous incompetents are exposed?
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